Raw Diet for Dogs – Tips For Feeding Your Dog a Raw Food Diet

The practice of feeding dogs a raw food diet has become very popular over the past years, partly influenced by Ian Billinghurst, the Australian vet who believed that dogs would thrive on a raw food diet because it is similar to the natural diet of wolves, the ancestors of domesticated dogs.

raw-dog-food-dietA raw diet is often referred to by the acronym BARF (Biological Appropriate Dog Food), which primarily consists of uncooked meat, vegetables, and fruits. Dogs on the raw diet are often kept away from processed dog food, most of which contain harmful preservatives, additives, and fillers that dogs have a hard time digesting and which may also result in serious health problems.

Unlike commercially produced dog foods, a raw diet is a natural diet for dogs which could be prepared from the comfort of the home at almost the same amount spent on commercial dog food. Making your dog food is without question the best way to ensure that your dog gets the health benefits of what he feeds on and the raw diet is one of the best options available.

I once had my dog on a raw diet while boarding him at the Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne and the owner indicated that they were feeding him far less than he needed, which may have resulted in weight loss. So make sure that you’re feeding him enough always.

To start feeding your dog on a raw diet, you can give him meat along with the bone. The meat does not have to be expensive to serve its nutritional purposes, and you should try to alternate it with any of the following: turkey neck or wings, pig feet, chicken wings, etc.

Try to avoid meats containing small pieces of bones that your dog could easily choke on; however, this does not include uncooked chicken bones which are quite easy for dogs to crush and swallow and best of all, the calcium in the bones are healthy for dogs. Cooked bones can splinter, and dogs could easily choke on them. Also, avoid cooked fat which can cause pancreatitis in dogs.

Here are a few great reasons for feeding dogs and puppies a raw diet dog food:

1. By feeding processed dog food, most dogs experience periodontal disease within four years. When feeding your dog raw dog food, periodontal disease is practically not existent.

Periodontal disease is where bacteria is allowed to enter through the mouth due to unclean teeth and cause numerous health problems.

2. Dogs perform best on a raw diet. High-performance dogs, such as greyhounds and sled dogs, have been fed raw diets and shown an increase in their performance levels. No wonder pet owners are turning to a raw diet to see an increased benefit of better health in their companions. Feeding artificial processed diets have resulted in many dangerous health issues, not even including the pet food crisis. That is another issue altogether.

3. By eating a raw diet, your dog will not experience the obesity found when feeding a commercial diet. Dogs become more fit and energetic on raw fed diets. Many owners and breeders feeding raw have found improved coat conditions, reduced coat loss, and leaner, a healthier overall condition in their dogs.

While the meat and bone could go for the morning diet, in the evenings you should provide a mixture of vegetables, meat, and fruits. To ensure that your dog eats all the vegetables, you should puree the mixture in a food processor and then mix them to form ground beef. This mixture could then be frozen to be served to your dog when needed and make sure that this mixture is no more than 50% meat. Unlike human beings that derive a lot of their energy from carbohydrates such as grains, rice, corn, bread, etc., dogs derive a lot of their energy from fats and what this means is that meat with a high fat content such as ground meat will be an excellent choice.

6 Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare business

dog-trainingDoggy daycare is fast becoming a popular and viable option for busy dog owners. It also portends numerous benefits for your dog.

In fact, many trainers now recommend doggy daycare to their clients as most dogs lack sufficient outlets for their energy, stimulation, or opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Below, therefore, we take a look at 6 reasons that may convince you to send your dog to doggy daycare or to start a home based business with Rover.com as follows:

1. Socialization and exercise

Daycare provides dogs with opportunities for playtimes throughout the day thus allowing them to express their normal doggy behavior. They have the chance to play with and meet new dogs and learn how to interact and socialize with other dogs.

Naturally, doggy daycare businesses are run differently- some have playgroups and set play times for dogs while others provide dogs with access to each other all day long for endless hours of play.

2. Playtime that is expert-supervised

More often than not, dog owners are not comfortable monitoring play between/amongst dogs. This is because they are not familiar with what is deemed dangerous and what is considered appropriate. Proper daycares, however, are likely to have experienced staff with the requisite knowledge to interpret dog body language in order to ascertain that all dogs are comfortable.

3. Human interaction

When dog owners are away at work during the day, their dogs need not stay at home alone. By taking your pet to a doggy daycare, you ensure that it will regularly interact with staff members at the day care.

These are people who are there to interact with your dog during play if it so desires, provide it with treats during quiet times, or just provide it with cuddles and a good old scratch behind the ears.

4. Prevent boredom

There are instances when crates get a bad reputation from dog owners. This is because most pet owners do not like leaving their dogs crated when they are not at home or at work. However, there are times when crates are the only option especially when you have not established good house habits for your pet and not using a crate can potentially set up your pet for destructive behaviors when left alone.

Therefore, to compromise on this, dog owners are encouraged to send their dogs to day care where they will have plenty of opportunities and simulation to curb any boredom.

5. Intellectual stimulation

Doggy daycare facilities provide productive ways for your pet to engage its brain cells as opposed to looking for trouble around the house. Daycares often offer toys, agility equipment, structured activities, pools, and continual canine interaction, all designed to keep your furry friend intellectually engaged.

Moreover, staff members are there to ensure that your dog is safely enjoying its playgroups and play areas. The games, scents, and interaction with other people and dogs are highly beneficial in exercising your pet’s brain.You can check online videos to trained your dog at home at many sites like rover.com review and many more.

6. An ideal solution for busy pet owners

Some pet owners tend to feel guilty working more than 10 hours a day and leaving their dog alone at home. Doggy daycare should thus provide your pet with multiple opportunities top be entertained and potty while you are away.

Celebrity dogs and parks around the world

Celebrity dogs are getting more popular on the internet recently. Not only do the dogs have their own social media pages like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts (which have a huge following by the way), but also have caretakers and personal assistants.

Celebrities take good care of their dogs by taking them for walks around the park often or paying someone to do it for them. Many have rescued their dogs too, avoiding the typical purchase from a breeder.

In this article, we are going to look at the famous dogs and parks they go to in America’s 2 largest cities.

Bo and Sunny

bo and sunny obama's dogThese two dogs are the luckiest in the world. They are Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s dogs. These two brothers Bo being the older one were a gift to the white house from Sen. Mitchell. Obama announced the welcoming of the dogs via her Facebook Page, and currently Bo and Sunny love their days at the white house as their awesome pictures can speak for themselves. Once in a while Bo and Sunny go for a walk around the beautiful white house park to play, exercise and take pictures.


Popularly known as Hannah Spears belongs to the singer Britney Spears. Hannah has a twitters account that has an astounding 60,000 followers on Twitter which debuted in 2012. Hannah and Britney have a healthy relationship as they are seen together everywhere and in almost all Britney Spears shows. Hannah loves running in the parks and walking with Britney. Being a celebrity dog, it has several privileges like wearing expensive ornaments and tailored suits.


This little pup belongs to Miley Cyrus who we all know her love for dogs. Barbie is a tiny little beagle and has an Instagram page that raises awareness against cruelty towards pets. Barbie is part of Miley’s life as they are seen going everywhere together be it at the beach shopping traveling or even at her performances. Barbie owns upscale chains and bracelets that she wears when taking the Instagram picture and going for shopping. Just like its owner, Barbie outfits are unpredictable as they change from time to time, and they are tailored by the best designers.

As celebrities take care of their health by walking and exercising so, do their pet dogs. The famous parks that celebs take their dogs are:

Brooklyn Bridge Park

New York is well known for its entertainment joints. Many celebrities end up settling at Brooklyn Heights which is near their working places. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Britney have been spotted taking their dogs for a walk here.

Laurel Canyon Park

laurel canyon dog parkLaurel Canyon is a five-acre park that is meant for dogs and people alike. It big enough for dog activities like run, meet and play with other dogs. Its location at Mulholland Drive attracts many celebrities to bring their dogs because it’s just in their backyards of Studio City and Hollywood.

Redondo Beach Dog Park

This dog park is in Los Angeles, and it’s famous for its water fountains. Celebrity dog owners sit on the comfortable benches as they watch their dogs run around the beach while playing with the water fountains and chasing balls.

Would you like to walk celebrities’ dogs? Read this guide on how to start a doggy daycare using rover.com